A valuable plant production from marginal lands


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Marginal land considered as a died land which need high cost to reclaim regarding many reasons like hard climate.
Unfortunately, there are wide marginal areas in MENA region for different reasons like high salinity, drought, high temperature and meal nutrition.
However, there are certain high-value types of plants that fit it this environment, and Jojoba seedling is on the top of these plants.
Jojoba Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider is a precious, drought resistant shrub that is adapted to the marginal land and dry area,and offers promise for agriculture in harsh environments where many other crops cannot survive, very few other species can survive this kind of environment.
For that, Jojoba is considered one of the most practical and scientific solutions for marginal land development, Hot summers resist, desert soil, minimal water, and great salinity tolerance. Lesser possibilities for infection, minimum fertilizers requirements, and generous financial income, are certainly most encouraging to plant Jojoba in marginal land.
Also, Jojoba has a potential use for rehabilitation as provision of income to the poor communities and Marginal land development. It has been used to combat and prevent desertification in the desert areas.
Jojoba shrubs typically grows to (2 _4 m) height, with a broad, dense crown, the leaves are opposite, oval in shape, 2–3.5 cm long and 1 –1.7 cm broad, thick, waxy, and gray-green in color, carry a header on the branches, which reduces exposure to sunlight.
           Jojoba has a deep rooting habit, and strong root system may reach a length of more than ten times the vegetative growth height.
Jojoba produces nuts with 45-55% of its weight as oil, which is a liquid wax and similar to that obtained from Sperm Whale which is threatened with extinction.
 Jojoba oil is used mostly in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, also as lubricants in the motor industry and produce biofuel from jojoba oil the newest usage.
Jojoba can commercially be grown in most marginal land in semi-aridDeveloping countries, which have an edge due to the low cost of production (low cost of labour) of Jojoba.

Dr. Waleed Fouad Abobatta


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